Cosmetic Dentist Georgetown

Cosmetic dentistry at Peel Dental Care by Our Team Of DentistsA Cosmetic Dentist is primarily concerned with the esthetic appearance of teeth. 

I, Our Team Of Dentists, strive for excellence and perfection in all I do at Peel Dental Care, through continuing education and using leading edge Cosmetic Dentistry technology. Creating Hollywood A-list Smiles!

Cosmetic dentistry can provide restorative functions as well esthetic. For instance, dental fillings is a procedure used in restoring decayed teeth. However, cosmetic dentistry provides dental fillings using porcelain or composite materials that match the color of your teeth helping to maintain the natural appearance of your teeth and smile.

Gold amalgam and other materials used in the past, left visible dark spots on the teeth and could potentially negatively impact the appearance of your smile. It is for this reason that many patients choose to have their older fillings replaced with newer materials which are designed to resemble tooth coloration to help to restore oral appearance.